Yost Theatre - Downtown Santa Ana


Audio / Visuals Specifications
and General Venue Information

Patron Accommodations: 

The Yost is all ages (age restrictions can differ on a per event basis)

Box Office: 

Located at the main lobby entrance 


800 space parking structure within 1/2 block of venue 

Stage Dimensions:

Stage Depth: 25’ (18’ usable)
Stage Width: 58’
Stage Proscenium: 33’ Width x 25’ Height
Grid Height on Stage: 25’ (18’ usable)

Front of House System

Mixers, Processors, Speakers Amplification
Digidesign 48 Channel Venue Profile System 
(3) DSP Mix Engine Cards 
Venue Pack 3.0 and Venue Pack Pro Plugins 
FWx Firewire Option Card (Protools Recording) 
(16) QSC Wideline-10 2102s Line Array System
(8) QSC GP-218 Subwoofer Cabinets
(8) QSC PLD-4.5 Processor Amplifiers

Monitor World

Yamaha M7CL 48 Channel Digital Monitor Console 
(8) RCF NX12-SMA 2-way Active Wedges
(2) QSC GP-218 side-fill subs
(2) QSC KW-215 Active 2-way Trapezoid Cabinets


(2) Sennheiser EW500-945 G3 Wireless Microphones
(6) Shure SM57
(6) Shure SM58 (3 Beta)
(1) Audix D6 Kick Drum Mic
(2) Audix D2 Drum Tom Mics
(1) Audix D4 Floor Tom Mic
(3) Audix SCX Condenser Mics
(1) Shure Beta 52A  

Visual / Lighting Projection 

(1) LED wall 1: 240 x 96, 40mm pitch
(1) LED wall 2: 512x192, 6.5mm pitch
(5) Q-Wash 560z LED
(4) Q-Spot 560-LED
(2) Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
(9) Elation Opti Tri Par
(3) Lekos 19"
(4) Mac 101
(9) Sharpie 5R
(1) Martin M1 lighting console

DJ Equipment

(4) Pioneer CDJ-2000
(2) Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus
(2) Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus
(2) RANE Serato SL-4
(2) Technics SL-1210M5G turn table


Guest Power: 100 Amps 3 Phase Power accessed
Through cam tails

Dressing Rooms

3 at Stage Level with Internet and one green room


Bus Parking available in close proximity to stage